Our advanced data analytics and predictive modelling techniques help you discover the hidden patterns and connections that define and link key groups within your audience.


Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced algorithms, we turn rich data sets into manageable and actionable groups of people who share similar characteristics. These help you grow audience by identifying ‘lookalike’ groups across your desired demographic.


Our information isn’t generated the conventional way using cookies. Instead, it’s grouped through large scale analysis of millions of social media profiles tailored to your target audience.

Super Computing Powered
Social Data Analysis.

If you want certainty, you need scale.
Our methodology combines ambitious scope
and research driven technology to deliver
accurate results.

Finally, the data is synced with our platform to decide precisely who, when and where to serve an ad – the most intelligent and informed process possible.

We’ve gone beyond the standard audience segment. Fifty is able to understand not only what attracts various users to a brand, but also the relationships between them. We call these segments ‘tribes’.

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