Fifty Media is part of Fifty Technology, one of the leading social data analysis companies in the world. Founded in 2014, we look beyond conventional insights to truly understand audiences.

Fifty brings advanced social data analysis into media planning and buying, fusing two of the largest sectors of digital advertising.

Pioneering Digital Advertising

People-centric data powers people-based marketing.

Fifty’s pioneering technology utilises people-centric social data to enhance your media strategy by targeting the right people for your brand. We use our expertise to power more accurate advertising based on what really matters to people. Our technology derives insight from the largest consumer social media databases using proprietary generated algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning. At the same time, we ensure you have full visibility on delivery cost and measurement ensuring your brand is delivered in brand safe environments.

Brand Safety

Fifty is committed to providing the highest possible levels of brand safety for clients and advertisers. We use independently-certified third party content verification tools and consistently minimise the risk of ad misplacement, in line with industry standards. See our Brand Safety Policy for more details.


Fifty Media is a full service advertising software solution. No matter what your budget, we offer a diverse range of opportunities to activate a bespoke marketing campaign across multiple channels.


Fifty’s proprietary ad and data technology measures and makes sense of over a billion consumers worldwide, mapping over 300 data points for each one. We also track and record over 2 billion social media posts per month.


Fifty’s updates include white papers, how-to-guides, industry consumer reports and case studies. Join the mailing list to see more